From Communist Chaos to Christ in Congo

Conflict in the Congo has killed 4 million people in the last 8 years. For centuries, the Congo suffered at the hands of Muslim slave raiders. When the Belgians intervened, the Arab slave trade in the Congo was replaced with exploitation by some unscrupulous mining corporations. Since being granted independence in 1960, the Congo has been torn apart by a succession of civil wars, military coups, and unrestrained wholesale plundering of its resources by a succession of socialist dictators.

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Congo for Christ

Frontline Fellowship was invited to minister at the first Congress of REDTCO ("The Gathering of the Children of God for the Transformation of the Congo")

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (which in its 45 years of independence from Belgium has never been a democracy) has been afflicted by corrupt dictators and a series of devastating civil wars. It is in a degraded state. The infrastructure is ruined, most roads are impassable, the jungle has overgrown much of the once efficient railway network, warfare has devastated the country leaving up to 3million dead and corruption is rife. Yet the churches which invited us are dynamic, growing and determined to see the Congo transformed by the Gospel of Christ.

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