Churches Bombed in Nigeria

This article is in FF News 2011 edition 2 and is available here

Destructive Night Attacks

In Bauchi State more than 4,000 Christians were forced to flee from their homes as Muslim Fulani Tribesman launched night attacks on 10 March. In the Tafawa Balewa area alone, 463 homes, 11 shops and 13 churches were destroyed.

Truck Bombs Intercepted

The next day, 11 March, security forces in Nigeria seized a truck laden with sophisticated bomb making equipment as it crossed from the Muslim state of Kaduna into the mostly Christian Plateau State. The truck was bound for Jos, a flashpoint in the North-South Islam–Christian fault line in Nigeria.

Jihadists Blow Themselves Up

On Sunday morning 20 March, three Hausa Muslim bombers blew themselves up when the bombs they were transporting exploded en-route to the targeted churches. The massive explosion at Dualla Junction in Nasarawa, Jos, destroyed shops and rocked the nearby Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), and Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), churches which it has been established were the intended targets. The explosion at Dualla Junction disrupted a church service which consisted mostly of Hausa converts from Islam. Worshippers fled in panic.

Bomb Fails to Detonate

The same day, a bomb planted at the Mountain of Faith and Miracles Church on Gengre Road in Jos failed to detonate. The two men who placed the bomb escaped on a motorcycle. The security forces have stated that they do not know if the two attempted bombings in Jos were related, or committed by different groups.

Muslim Mob Attacks Christians

In Bauchi State, over 2,000 Muslim militants went on the rampage attacking Christian homes, shops and churches. There have been other reports of hundreds of armed Fulani youths attacking the homes of Christians and churches. Anti-Christian violence has increased in Northern Nigeria since December 2010.

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