Christianity is Advancing in Africa

South Sudan is now a free and independent country. The largest country in Africa, Sudan, has lost one third of their territory, who are no longer under the Islamic yoke of Shari'a law. Islam may be gaining ground in North America and Europe, but it is actually losing ground in Africa. This is why there is so much intense persecution directed against Christians in Africa. These are the frontlines of the battle for Faith and freedom. In the world war of worldviews and the clash of civilisations, the Church is advancing in Africa, and Islam is fighting a vicious rear-guard action as they lose ground in Africa.

Violent Backlash

We are living in tumultuous times and the threats and attacks on Christians in Africa are intensifying. To a large extent this is a reaction to the phenomenal growth of the Church in Africa. Nigeria was once a Muslim country, ruled by Muslim dictators, a member of Islamic Organisation of Countries (IOC). Now Christians are the majority in Nigeria and Muslims are lashing out in the only way they know how: violently.